Setting the Stage
Doing Oral History
Conducting the Interview


The significance of Oral History is not in documenting the event itself, how it happened and when it happened. What concerns us in Oral History is how people lived through events, how events impacted them, and how they dealt with them.

Micheline M

I really liked the workshop’s participatory nature, especially in the context of Oral History because it is itself participatory; in the debates we had with each other, how we discussed with each other, how we tolerated each other’s opinions.

Aline N

The thing I like the most was [recognizing] that everything has a history, there’s not just one history, everything has a history from several different perspectives, and that every event in life is experienced differently by people.

Fadi H

In Libya the conflict and violations have not ended. We are frustrated by the lack of mechanisms for justice and accountability, but I believe that oral history can have a great impact by giving victims and families the space to talk about what happened, and renew their determination to work towards justice.

Tarek L