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Maria Bashshur Abunnasr

Author and Historian

Jenny Munro

Co-Author and Producer

Elissa Shamma

Co-Author and Design
Steps Civil Company for Change

Aya Debes

Illustrations and Design Concept

James Gidoomal

Web Development
Out of the Woods


We would like to thank all those who contributed to the realization of this project, whether though their review of its many iterations, their facilitation in its application, or their invaluable feedback along the way that helped it grow and take shape. We especially want to thank many of our colleagues at forumZFD, the Lebanese Association for History (LAH), and Steps Civil Company for Change for their continued support of the idea and of us as a team to help make this project happen.

Maya Fawaz, Project Manager (LAH); Soha Fleyfil, Trainer (forumZFD); Jihane Francis, Educator (LAH); Nayla Hamadeh, Historian & Educator (LAH); Mona Hassouna, Trainer (Steps Civil Company for Change); Marina Krikorian, Project Officer (LAH); Khalil Makari, Historian; Hassan Salha, Trainer (forumZFD).

We especially want to thank Hassan Hmedoush, Trainer at Steps Civil Company for Change, for his dedicated and comprehensive review and editing of the learning journey through a conflict transformation lens. This truly lifted the project to the next level making it flow so beautifully.

Last but not least, we want to thank Chadia Nohra and the team at The Language Platform for their diligent work in translation, language editing, and proofreading wherever and whenever it was needed.

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